During my search for information concerning the 340 America's one of the high-lights was the visit to the owner of 0114A. When I visited him back in 1998 in Switzerland he invited me for a ride in this car. We drove through the hills in the Aargau-area and I enjoyed every single minute of it. To give you just a short impression, please have a look at the enclosed movie.




During the Modena Track days 2009 the owner of  0030MT invited me for a couple of laps at the Nurburgring.




Another high-light was in 2011 when the owner of 0196A invited me agai for a ride at the Nurburgring. Unfortunately the quality of the movie isn't very well because I had the camera in my hand and at the passenger site there was no windshield. That is also the reason you don't hear much of the incredible sound of the 12-cylinder engine.