Bodymaker Vignale
Bodystyle coupe
Year of manufacture 1951 ?
First colour Two-tone paint
Engine type 340/A wet sump
Gearboxnumber 35A
Rearaxlenumber 19A
First owner Johnny Ysmael,, Philippines
Last location USA



02-1952 Featured in ‘Road & Track’, saying the car uses a 4.5 litre engine with 250hp.

Johnny Ysmael. Paid US$ 25.000, car kept in Los Angeles, plate EE 11443.
The car is build according the designs of Johnny Ismael and after the completion of the bodywork the forms were thrown away so away so this car will be ‘the only one of its kind’.
Like more of Johnny Imsael’s cars it’s super-chromed.
The car is light in weight because all body work and interior fittings were moulded and cast in aluminium. 
The car has two more seats in the rear.

- Sold to Ernie McAfee, Los Angeles
1953 William Doheny, Beverely Hills
1954 Seen at Willow Springs
195? Sold to last known owner, Newport Beach
1996 Undergoing restoration