Bodymaker Vignale
Bodystyle spyder
Year of manufacture 1952
First colour
Engine type 340/A wet sump
Gearboxnumber 23A
Rearaxlenumber 23A
First owner Lindner, Detroit, MI
Last location USA



1952 Lindner, Detroit, MI
- Sold to Jerry J. Seavey, Northbrook, IL
- Sold to Don Walker, Dallas, TX
- Sold to Jerry J. Seavey, Chicago, IL
1985 Sold to Joe Marchetti, Chicago, IL

Sold to Ron Spangler, Bel Air, MD (Prancing Horse Farm). Prepared for auction by Neil Twyman

11-05-1988 At Christie’s Monaco sale, Remained unsold

Sold to Lord Brocket, Brocket Hall, GB.
Customised with air vents on bonnet, front and rear wings by Church Green Engineering

04-1990 Olympia, Entered by Lord Brocket
04-1991 Stolen from the Premises of Lord

Car is involved in a fraud to collect a heavy insurance bonus set up by Lord Brocket.

- Crushed remains of 4 cars (340 America, 250 Europe, 195 Sport and a Maserati Birdcage) found on the Brocket Hall estate and in a lock-up garage in North London.

Car at DK Engineering Ltd. The body was totally destroyed by Lord Brocket but the engine, chassis etc are complete.

- There is nothing to work on to the original body shape so the car will be rebodied the same as Gil Nickels 340 America Vignale spider (see 0140A).
1998 For sale at Talacrest
1999 For sale at Symbolic
18/19-08-2000 Monterey Sports Car Auction $540.000
06-2000 Patrick Hart