Bodymaker Vignale
Bodystyle spyder
Year of manufacture 1952
First colour red
Engine type 340/A wet sump
Gearboxnumber 25A
Rearaxlenumber 27A
First owner Chinetti Motors
Last location USA




Luigi Chinetti Motors, New York City. Originally the car was red with thin chrome strips running under the doors and peculiar “parking” lights on the tops of the front fenders just forward of the windscreen


Georg Joseph Jr., Denver CO (for sale for $18.000) In order to generate interest in the car, George asked Dabney Collins to drive it in the sports car race at Buckley Naval Air Station (just east of Denver) in the autumn of 52. The car swallowed a valve and DNF. The engine was rebuilt by the factory under warranty (supposed to be 340 Mexico specs)

1953 Raced at Aspen CO, George Joseph
1954 Sold by Johnny Mauro (local Nash dealer) to Jim and Ann Donald of Colorado Springs.
31-05-1958 Raced by Jim Donald in the airport race at La Junta, Colorado. Car was involved  in a fairly serious accident which put the car out of the race.
- Jack McAfee, Los Angeles
- Bill Weber, St. Louis, MO
1967 Dave Tinick, CO
- Joel E. Finn, Ridgefield, CT
1974 Bill Markell, New York City NY
1976 Joel E. Finn, Ridgefield, CT
1977 Tom Davis, Coral Gables, FL

Gil Nickel, Oakville CA, plate CZZ902
Restored by Steve Griswold, Berkeley CA. Transmission is in 0222AT 340 Mexico

22-08-1982 Winner Hans Tanner Memorial Ferrari Trophy, Pebble Beach
05-1986 Mille Miglia, #113, Nickel-May
05-1987 Mille Miglia, #155, Nickel-May
09-1990 2nd Annual Colorado Grand, #84, Nickel-Yorman
09-1991 3rd Annual Colorado Grand, Nickel
05-1995 Mille Miglia, #226, Nickel-Egan
03/04-05-1997 GP Historique Monaco, Nickel
18-07-2010 San Francisco Presidio Concours d’Elegance 2010  - Jeremy Nickel
15-08-2010 For sale at the Pebble Beach Auctions by Gooding & Company
Sold to new owner (USA)