Bodymaker Ghia
Bodystyle coupe
Year of manufacture 1951
First colour
Engine type 340/A wet sump
Gearboxnumber 29A
Rearaxlenumber 25A
First owner John Perona, USA
Last location Switzerland



1951 Sold to John Perona
- Neil Henry, Chicago sold for $1300
- With Ford engine and side pipes
24-04-1971 Annual Meet Ferrari Club if America, Neil Henri plate 548 292 (IL)
1972 Ron Scomam Chicago
1974 Hillary Raab
- Original engine installed by Hillary Raab
- Featured in ‘Ferrari album 1’ page 41
- Hugo Isgro, Switzerland
1989 Mille Miglia, #153, Isgro-Scattolin
22-09-1991 Mugello, entered by Isgro (?), plate VE 806789
1993 Sold to current owner
1994 Mille Miglia