Bodymaker Ghia
Bodystyle coupe
Year of manufacture 1951
First colour White
Engine type
First owner Michel Paul Cavalier, France
Last location USA




Sold to Cavalier, president of Pont-a-Mouson, who shortly thereafter became one of the few non-Italian members of the board of directors of Ferrari

- Prince Rainier

Michel Dovaz who stored the car together with other exotic cars in a warehouse or in the middle of a field.


French magazine published an article and photo’s called “the cars cemetery” (without  agreement of mister Dovaz)


Sold to Doctor van Cuc, Aulnay sous Bois, France
Car restored, was not in a too bad state and nearly complete except for the rear axle. With the help of a mechanic, specialised in repairing elder Ferrari’s, all spare parts were found of manufactured. The engine hasn’t stripped down but it works.

1997/1998 Paul Koot, Holland (Lusso Service, Duiven)

Paul Emile Bessade, France. Body restoration with Zagato, motor in France

1999 Mille Miglia, DNS Souvrain/Fikrane
18-12-2000 Not Sold Poulain Le Fur
04-2001 Techno Classica, Essen Germany. Displayed by Galerie des Damiers
200x Sold to Jack E. Thomas
23/26-01-2003 XII Cavallino Classic, Jack E. Thomas
24/25-01-2004 XIII Cavallino Classic, Jack E. Thomas
22-01-2005 XIV Cavallino Classic, Jack E. Thomas
19/22-01-2006 XV Cavallino Classic, Jack E. Thomas
08-2006 Restored by Wayne Obry's Motion Products, Neenah WI
17-08-2008 Pebble Beach Concours, Jack E. Thomas
24-01-2009 XVII Cavallino Classic, Jack E. Thomas
30-07-2009 Ferrari Club of America Annual Meet, Road America, Elkhart Lake Wisconsin. Jack E. Thomas
22/23-08-2009 Milwaukee Masterpiece, Pre 1958 Class, Jack E. Thomas
19-08-2011 The Quail, Carmel Valley, Jack E. Thomas
21-01-2012 XXII Cavallino Classic, Jack E. Thomas
18/22-06-2016 Ferrari Club of America Annual Meet, Columbus Ohio, Jack E. Thomas