Bodymaker Vignale
Bodystyle spider
Year of manufacture 1952
First colour
Engine type 340A wet sump
First owner Scuderia Ferrari
Last location unknown



1952 Ferrari Factory, Maranello, Italy
14 June 1952

Le Mans, no. 15, DNF, Rosier-Trintignant, entered  by Ecurie France
(single windscreen,  three vertical air outlets in rear wings). It withdrew in the sixth hour, after being in 12th place the previous hour. A crack team for this car (which Taruffi drove in the Mille Miglia?), they succee­ded in getting it into third place in the gene­ral clas­si­fication for a short while before trou­bles began. Could also have been  #0196A!?

- Piero Scotti, Florence, Italy
10 August 1952 Senegallia (Cat S.), Scotti
15 August 1952 Pescara 12h., Scotti, #114
7 September 1952 Colline Pistoiesi Cup, 1st, Scotti.
21 September 1952 Catania Etna, 1st, Scotti.
19 October 1952 Verminico-Rocca di Papa, 1st, Scotti.

At Maloja hillclimb, no. 114, Scotti, one-piece windscreen, two horizontal air intakes on bonnet.
Pictured in the 1952 Ferrari Yearbook.
Later apparently given back to the Ferrari factory and loaned to various Italian drivers
Large rectangular air inlets cut into front be­tween headlights and grille

23 August 1953 Savona-Cadibona hillclimb, no. 188, 1st, Luglio
1953 Pictured in the 1953 Ferrari Yearbook
- Luigi Chinetti, New York, NY, USA.

Paul Owens, Houston, TX, USA (1958-1960).
Car was involved in an accident in Houston and the passenger was killed. The car subsequently had the body replaced with a Fiberglas body. Or is this 0206A ???

1958 (?)

Chevrolet engine installed, original Ferrari engine sold to (1961) Hall Shelby Sports Cars in Dallas, TX, USA,
 who resold it to Lee Sturtevant in Chicago, IL, USA (see also #0196A),
who sold  the Ferrari engine #0202A in 1965 again.