Bodymaker Vignale
Bodystyle spider
Year of manufacture 1952
First colour
Engine type 340/A wet sump
Enginenumber 38A
Gearboxnumber 45A
Rearaxlenumber 71A
First owner Luigi Chinetti
Last location USA



17 May 1952 Engine finished and tested.
27 May 1952 Rear axle finished by Sghedoni
31 May 1952 Body mounted on chassis.
06 June 1952 Gearbox finished by Bellentani and Beltrami
10 June 1952 Factory road tested
- Luigi Chinetti, New York, NY, USA
14 June 1952

Le Mans, no. 12, DISQ, Chinetti-Lucas, single windscreen for driver only. Entered by Luigi Chinetti.
It was disqualified in the 13th hour, after being in seventh place in the preceding hour. Luigi Chinetti was disqualified for not observing the rule concerning 28 laps between  refuelling. This is a cast-iron regulation at Le Mans and this second Vignale bodied Spider was obliged to retire. Consis­tent driving had kept it in fifth place from the 6th to the 11th hour.

26 October 1952 Sowege AFB 4 hours, Lewis, #5, 2nd

James H. Kimberly, Chicago, IL, USA.
Twin air intakes below front grille  modified to one large one.

21 February 1953 MacDill AFB, no. 5, 1st, Kimberly
12 April 1953

Bergstrom AFB Austin, TX, no. 5, 3rd, Kimberly, 75miles.
Bergstrom AFB Austin, TX, no. 5, 1st, Kimberly, 200 miles, average speed 86.4 m.p.h.

14 June 1953 Chanute AFB Rantoul, IL, no. 5, 1st, Kimberly.
04 July 1953 Offutt AFB Omaha, NE, no. 6, DNF, Kimberly.
08 November 1953

At March AFB Riverside, no. 5, Kimberly, 5OA.
Flanks behind front and rear wheels arches remodelled

09 August 1953

Lockbourne AFB, no. 5c Kimberly, 3OA, ? miles
Lockbourne AFB, no. 5c Kimberly, 9OA, 200 miles

23 August 1953 Janesville, Kimberly
27 September 1953 Stout AFB, no. 5, Kimberly, 10OA
25 October 1953 Sowega AFB 250 miles, no. 5, Kimberly, 4OA

Edmund P. Lunken, Cincinatti, OH, USA, plate: EL 20.

30 May 1954 Atterburry AFB, Lunken, #15, 2nd
06 June 1954 Chanute AFB Rantoul, IL, no. 15, 3rd, Lunken
Chanute AFB Main, Lunken, #15, DNF
08 August 1954 Lockbourne AFB (Buckeye Cup), 3rd, Lunken
19 September 1954 Watkins Glen, no. 86 E. Lunken (this may also be 0234)
16 October 1954 Akron Fulton Apt, Lunken, #6, 4th
07 November 1954 March AFB, Lunken/Hassan, #6, DNF

Fell off the trailer, wreck sold to: Walter Rye, USA. (rebuilt).

27 February 1954 Ft Pierce  FL, 5th, Lunken #6 (prelim
28 February 1954 Ft Pierce FL, Lunken #6 (main
04 July 1954

Beverly MA, DNS Lunken #6, accident to the car on the way to the race

August 1959 Featured in "Sports Car Wheel"
- Ohio, USA.
- Harry Reed, Ford City, Pennsylvania USA
October 1961    Moe Sherid, Greensburg Pennsylvinia USA paid $1.200 
engine was removed and rebuild.  
1963 John Delamater, Indianapolis, IN, USA, paid $3.000
1963 Robert A. Titlow, Bloomington, IN, USA.
1986 Thomas W. Barrett, Scottsdale, AZ, USA.
11 may 1988 At Christie's Monaco sale, remained unsold.
1996 Current owner, USA