Bodymaker Vignale
Bodystyle coupe
Year of manufacture 1952
First colour Blue?
Engine type 340/A wet sump
First owner Scuderia Ferrari - Achille Castoldi
Last location Unknown



14 June 1952
Le Mans, no. 14, 5th, Simon-Vincent. Blue colour, right front wing damaged. Entered by  Luigi Chinetti. It came fifth on distance, covering  3361.­810 km (2088.932 miles) at an average 140.078  km/h (87.040 mph). This was the only Ferrari to finish out of seven, the biggest entry in the event so far. After a   sensational start which saw the car in the lead at the end of the first two hours, this blue saloon, with bodywork by Vignale, experienced its first difficulties, which pushed it back to 17th place. Thanks to the skills of its drivers it climbed back to a brilliant fifth place, only 27 laps behind the winning Mercedes.
- Achille Castoldi, Italy
- Luigi Chinetti, New York, NY, USA.
1952 Tour de France, Vincent and Meyrat
1952 Rene Marchand, Paris
September 1952 Featured in "Road & Track".
1953 Rene Marchand, Paris
1953 Bill Devin, Lytle Creek Canyon, CA, USA.
12 April 1953 At Bergstrom AFB, Austin, TX, no. 75, Devin.
- Ernie McAfee, Los Angeles, CA, USA
- Masten Gregory, Kansas City, MO, USA
04 November 1953 Madera Road Race, no. 78c, 3rd, Gregory.
02 May 1954 Iowa Trophy, Gregory, #82, 2nd
 Later heavily crashed.
1953/1954 Sawyer, rebuild by Vance of San Francisco
Is this what happend with 0206A??
end 1950's

Jim Hall, Houston, owned a car that was wrecked, ruining the body and unfortunately killing the passenger.

- Hall sold the coachless car to Ernie Miller of New Orleans., a doctor and racer partial to Ferrari’s
- Sold to Andy Herron who fitted a Devin body to the chassis. In attempt to make the car more manageable, throttle was limited to 2/3 open. The body got a coat of blue primer
March 1959 raced at Mansfield LA during regional races

Bill Owens of Houston trade the car for an OSCA MT-4 (ex Moss Sebring winning car)


Seen at the Lake Travis Hillclimb near Austin, Texas. Fitted with a Chevrolet engine and a 4 speed Corvette gearbox. Painted red with two white stripes, licensed for the street and owned by John Mecom