Bodymaker Vignale
Bodystyle spider
Year of manufacture 1953
First colour dark red
Engine type 340/A wet sump
Rearaxlenumber 48M
First owner Severt Sundberg, Sweden
Last location Sweden



08 February 1952 Engine completed
1952/1953 At the end of 1952 and the beginning of 1953 Enzo Ferrari send two faxes to Tore Bjurstom about the progress of 0238A. In these faxes Enzo Ferrari called the car a ‘Mexico’. This is why it became the knickname ‘the 5th Mexico’.
20 January 1953 1st Ferrari imported to Sweden by Tore Bjurstrom of Orebo, sold new to Severt "Kroken" Sundberg, Sweden, plate BO 19059
Sundberg and Bjurstro
m drove the car from Italy to Sweden
01 February 1953  Falun icerace, 1st, Sundberg.
08 February 1953 Fredenloppet icerace, DNF, Sundberg
15 February 1953 Lulea icerace, 1st, Sundberg.
22 February 1953

Burtrask icerace, crashed and killed Sundberg.
After the crash the car was rebuild and to avoid a bad name for the car, Enzo Ferrari and Tore Bjorstrom descided to call the new car a ‘Mille Miglia’.

June 1953

The damaged car was sent back to Vignale and rebodied like a Mexico coupe because a coupe was more safe then a spider.

June 1953 Valdemar Stener, Farila, Sweden, plate: BO 22498
13 September 1953 Skarpnack Airfield, 3rd, Stener.
March 1953 Flying kilometre speed record at Lake Varpen, Sweden. Stener 169,4 k.p.h.
15 April 1954 Displayed at the Stockholm Motor Show
09 May 1954 Djurgardsloppet, Helsinki, 2nd, Stener, #8
23 May 1954 Hedemora, DNS, Stener.
1954 Pictured in the 1954 Ferrari Yearbook.
02 or 20 February 1955 Hindas icerace, 1st, Stener.
01 or 06 March 1955 Bollmas icerace, 1st, Stener.
07 August 1955 Swedisch GP, 8th, Erik Karlsson (Persberg)., #9
1955 Pictured in the 1955 Ferrari Yearbook.
January 1956 Stig Rolle, Sweden.
1957 Sold to Mr. Nostrand, USA
1966 Vintage Car Store, Nyack, NY, USA, plate 616.207
1966 Stanley Nowak sold it to Howard Nostrand NY
- In Kansas City.
1986 Robert M. Rubin, New York, NY, USA.
1990 Current owner, Svenljunga, Sweden. Undergoing restoration to original spider configuration.
1996 Featured in Forza no. 1 Spring 1996, page 54-56.