Year of manufacture
First Color
Engine type
First owner
Last location
340/A dry sump
Scuderia Ferrari / V. Marzotto



21 april 1950 275S tested by Ascari& Villoresi on the streets of Serramazzoni (12 km south of Maranello on route 12)
28 april 1950 Mille Miglia, #731, DNF, Luigi Villoresi & Pasquale Cassani, Clutch problem

Between May and August refurbished, dark colour with lusso interior and 340 engine
Wheelbase enlarged from 2250mm to 2400mm ???

5 october 1950 Paris Salon, black with green leather interior (often said to be 0114A)
1 march 1951

Certificate of origin issued by the factory
Sold to Vittorio Marzotto

20 march 1951 Tested by Giannino & Paolo Marzotto in Modena (autoport may 4)
car has spotlight mounted on passenger side, dark colour and lusso interior
30 march 1951 Painted red, delivered to Scuderia Marzotto
23 april 1951

Mille Miglia, #411, DNF, V. Marzotto & Marchetto.
A spotlight had been added on the left windscreen pillar

4 may 1951 Featured in “Autosport” page 559-563
26 may 1951 Date of declaration of sale
3 june 1951 Coppa della Toscana, 2nd, V. Marzotto & Zanusso
17 june 1951 GP of Portugal, category sport, V. Marzotto, DNF clutch problems, #??
17 july 1951 Coppo de Dolomiti, V. Marzotto, #108 DNF clutch problems
car has small slits cut into the fenders outside of the parkinglights below the headlights
12 august 1951 Senigallia Circuit, G. Marzotto. After two laps G. Marzotto had a violent accident. The impact was frontal and the body was destroyed. For this reason  Mr. Marzotto had the entire body rebuilt by Fontana of Padua according to his specifications, moving the weight, shock absorbers and tanks to lighten the car about 200 kg.
9 september 1951

Targa Florio, no. 54, Bracco/Raffaeli, DNF
At the end of the first lap Bracco was leading. On the second lap Bracco retired at the pits with broken shock absorbers. At the fourth lap Bracco took the weel of the 2560 cc Ferrari from Cornacchia and broke the longstanding lap record. Finally Bracco became second behind Franco Cortese.

29 februari 1952 The Italian Auto Club issued a certificate of registration No. VI 22135 for #0030MT in the name of the Scuderia Marzotto.
16 march 1952 GP Siracuse, Category Sport, #445, DNS, G. Marzotto, water pump problems
3,4 may 1952

Mille Miglia. #605, DNF, Comotti & Ronchi, Scuderia Marzotto entry, new Fontana body

2 june 1952

GP Monaco, Category Sport, #96, DNF, P Carini. Carini had the 13th place at the grid. During the race Carini became 3th but did not finish.

22 june 1952 GP de Portugal, Category Sport, Carini, DNF
29 june 1952 Giro di Sicilia, #455, G. Marzotto, DNS
13 july 1952 Coppa d’Oro delle Dolomiti, #106, 2nd, G. Marzotto & M. Crosara
3 august 1952 German GP, category sport, P. Carini (Road & Track dec ’52)
28 spetember 1952 Bari Sports GP, Serena & Bracco DNF broken engine
november 1952 Featured in Road & Track, Dolomiti race
25 april 953 Mille Miglia, #628, DNF, M. Orlandini & L. Fontana ??
16 may 1953 Sold by Scuderia Marzotto to Angelo Bacchini della Parme of Venice who registered it as VE 24161
1955 Rebodied by Scaglietti as a Spider
may 1958 Carroll Mills imported the car into the USA and stored it at Zumbach in New York until August 1959. After some work on the oil cooler Zumbach presumably moved it to Vermont
9 june 1966 Bought by fifteen year old Peter Markowski
october 1993 Featured in Prancing Horse #109. “The Vermont Phoenix” by Bob Michaud
7 may 1995

11th Annual Reading Ferrari Concourse d’Elegance, Reading country club. Class A winner, Peter Markowski

1999 Sold to Bill Jacobs, Illinois USA
march 2000 For sale by Bill Jacobs
2001 For sale Symbolic Motor Cars, La Jolla California USA
2003? Michael Willms, Germany
19/22 may 2005 Mille Miglia, #190, Willms & Bach
21/22 july 2005 Modena Motorsport Track days, Present at the Concours d"Elegance
20/23 october 2005 Tutte le Ferrari a Mugello, #37, M. Willms, participated during the Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge cat. B
11/14 may 2006 Mille Miglia, #203, Willms & Bach
04/06 june 2006 Valencia, Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, #34, M. Willms
24/25 june 2006 Spa Ferrari Days, Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, #34, M. Willms
27/29 october 2006 Finali Mondiali Ferrari challenge, #34, M. Willms race 1 9th, total time 23:38.903, fastest lap 2:35.375 race 2 DNF
17/20 may 2007 Mille Miglia, #195, Willms & Seidensticker
26/27 july 2007 Modena Motorsport Trackdays
10/12 August 2007 35th Oldtimer Grand Prix Nurburgring, #14, Willms & Gelmini
race 6, 2-seater sportscars till 1960, class B 1947-1954 > 2000cc
8/11 may 2008 Monaco Grand Prix Historique, Race C pre 1953 sportscars, M Willms
6/8 may 2010 Mille Miglia, #189, Willms & Seidensticker, finished 371th
2010 Alexander Rittweger, Germany
13/15 august 2015 Sold at the RM Auction Monterey
14 august 2015 Pohl, Germany
19/22 may 2016 Mille Miglia, Andreas Pohl / Nathalie Pohl #209
18/21 may 2017 Mille Miglia, Andreas Pohl / Nathalie Pohl #203