Bodymaker Touring
Bodystyle barchetta
Year of manufacture 1950
First colour
Engine type 340/A dry sump
Enginenumber 2A
Rearaxlenumber 3A (?)
First owner Luigi Chinetti, Henrey Manney
Last location USA



21-04-50 275S tested by Ascari & Villoresi on the streets of Serramazzoni

Mille Miglia, #728, DNF, Alberto Ascari -Senesio Nicolini. On the winding road between Lonato and Dezenzano, near Lake Garda, Ascari struck a patch of oil despotised by an early car. Ascari skidded helplessly off the road into a crowd of spectators, one of whom was killed and others injured. Ascari and Nicolini were unhurt but the car was wrecked.    
Re-engined into 4.1-litre 340 America

28-04-51 Mille Miglia , #416, DNF, Ascari-Nicolini
23/24-06-51 Le Mans, #15, 8th OA, Chinetti-Lucas, Entered by Luigi Chinetti
12-08-51 Senigallia, #83, 1th OA, G. Villerosi

Tourist Trohpy, #4, Bobby Baird, DNS. Car lost bits out of its back axle during practice.

23-04-52/04-05-52 Turin show car, Pictures in Ferrari album 2 page 22, extra chrome added to the front and rear
04-05-52 Sold to Henrey Manney III, he knew the car was not for him or his driving                                   ability so he took it to
??-??-52 Sold to John Edgar, Edgar bought the car for Jack McAfee to drive in.

Stockton, race 3, #333, 2th OA, Jack McAfee
Stockton, race 5, #333, 2nd OA, Jack McAfee
Trouble with the ignition system on the way up. In the race it quit on one bank. Later it was changed to an American set up.

05-10-52 Costa Mesa, Jack McAfee, 1th
14-12-52 Torrey Pines, #78, DNF, Jack McAfee
22-03-53 Palm Springs, #98, 1th OA, Jack  McAfee
03-05-53 Luke Phoenix, Jack McAfee, #98, 2nd

Offutt AFB, 75 miles, Jack McAfee, 2nd Offutt AFB, 200 miles, Jack McAfee, DNS


Moffitt, Jack McAfee, DNS A connection rod failed, actually the rod failed during practice and Jack  McAfee didn’t start (he won Moffit under 1500 in a Porsche)

08-11-53 March AFB, Jack McAfee, #78 DNF

Willow Springs, Jack McAfee, 1st. According to Jack McAfee he was at this time in  Mexico

07-02-54 Palm Springs, Jack McAfee, #98, DNS
17-10-54 7th Palm Springs, #108, G. Metzger, 8th
??-??-?? Sold to ??? George Metzger ???

Sold to current owner, bought the car through a Cadillac dealer associate of John Edgar

??-??-?? Engine replaced, engine now in 0350AM

0050M (renumbered 0328M) two notes at foglio :
transmission is ‘n.2 ex 275’
n     transmission first used with motor 275

??-??-?? New engine in 0032MT : 0126A (0126A has 0311 EU)