Bodymaker Touring
Bodystyle Barchetta
Year of manufacture 1951
First colour black
Engine type 340/A dry sump
Enginenumber 3A
Gearboxnumber 39A
Rearaxlenumber 7A
First owner Otto Wild, CH
Last location Switzerland



29-04-51 Mille Miglia, DNF, #430, Scuderia Ferrari,

Imported in Switzerland and duty paid at Chiasso Registered for road use with license plate AG2167, later AG24709

09-07-51 First price at the Concourse Internationale d`Elegance Automobile Lucerne (Otto Wild)

Otto Wild entered car in hillclimbs:
* Tiefencastel - Lenzerheide
* Maloja Hillclimb
* Mitholz - Kandersteg

03-10-51 Car send back to Maranello for service and maintenance

Photos in ĎAuto Sportsmaní, car #111, 3-day school for speed held by Swiss Racing Car Club (SAR) at Lugano, Campione and Monza

16-08-53 Car send back to Maranallo for service and maintenance
03-10-55 Car sold to brother in law Ernst Hafner, a building contractor in Zurich

Registered for road use by  Hafnerís company, Atina Limited at Zurich New plate ZH3488, annual  tax for 4.1 litre Ferrari SFr. 470,=

28-08-63 Second inspection for road use by street traffic board of Zurich
??-??-64 Engine trouble, car not repaired

Louis Frey of Muri, neighbour of Otto Wild and previous his mechanic tried to acquire the still defective Ferrari from Hafner


Frey  bought the car,  car registered with plate AG9138 for road use. Mileage was 74.200 km. Frey wrote factory for spare parts to repair the car


Frey received a letter from the factory, but they had no longer spare parts for these old cars. A cousin of Wild, living in Arth, had some special spare parts and a special tool kit which he sold to Frey. Frey replaced the valve springs and some tubes.

spring 70

Frey replaced the engine. New engine was bought by Garage Cilly in Urdorf. Itís the engine of a wrecked 250GT (chassis# 1729GT) from the director of the Florett Motorcycles Works. The remains of the 250 GT were scrapped.


About a year was needed to fit the 250 GT engine and to make the necessary adjustments. At the same time the entire hydraulics and the brakes were overhauled.

20-10-71 First engine probation and road test

Participation in Bugatti Ferrari Owners Club Switzerland meeting on Burgenstock

??-08-74 Entered in the Klaussen Pass trip of  the Swiss Motor Veterans Club
??-10-74 Steering column and front axle repaired
??-03-75 Touch up of several colour injuries
24-08-75 Participation in the Rally Bern-Bremgarten-Dijon to the formula-1 GP Suisse in Dijon Prenios

Entered in the Bugatti Ferrari Owners Club meeting on the circuit Lignieres, Barchetta didnít race

??-06-77 Participation in the Black Foreat Old-timer Rally
??-01-78 Displayed during the 6th International Racing Car show in Zurich
??-02-78 Displayed at the Model Car Show in the Glatt Shopping Centre
28-04-78 Prepared for running order, mileage 77.412 km
30-06-78 New inspection for road use

Mileage 77.600km, ignition system and brake cylinders revised. Equipped with new tyres for the trip Paris-Torino

14-08-78 Mileage 77.994km. Departure from Muri to Paris
22-08-78 Back in Muri, new mileage 80.055km
??-??-79 Participation at the old-timer meeting in Flims.

Mileage 81.880km. Participation in the old-timer jubilee rally for the  Shell road from Pontresina to Samedan, Frey won first price.

25-08-80 Participation in the Automobil-Wochen at Baden-Baden

Participation in the Bodensee tour organised by the Swiss Motor Veterans Club. Mileage 83.768km

14-08-81 New carpets manufactured by Mrs. Frey and fixed
23-08-81 Mileage 84.300km. Participation in the old-timer meet at the hillclimb of  Saint Ursanne-Les Rangiers

Entered in the Riad DíEpoca in Modena and Maranello. Placing 16th in the class for originality

Winter 81 New seat peddling fixed
1982        A new clutch installed
1986 Mille Miglia, #121, Frey-Frey
1992 Mille Miglia, #121, Frey
01-04-2001 Concours Villa d'Este, Frey/Frey
23/24-05-2001 Grand Prix Bern Revival F9
17/18-08-2002 Oldtimer Meeting Baden-Baden Frey-Keller
19/20-07-2003 Albis Bergrennen, Adliswil CH, Frey
23-08-2009 Grand Prix de Suisse Berne, Frey
6-6-2010 Italiauto Meeting, Wangen an der Aare, CH
11/13-06-2010 15e Castell' Arquato-Vernasca Silver Flag, Frey #96
24/26-06-2011 16e Castell' Arquato-Vernasca Silver Flag, Frey #31
28/39-06-2013 18e Castell' Arquato-Vernasca Silver Flag, Frey #104
9/10-05-2015 Circuito di Piacenza, Frey #24
17/19-06-2016 Vernasca Silver Flag, Frey #112