Bodymaker Touring
Bodystyle barchetta
Year of manufacture 1951
First colour
Engine type 340/A dry sump
Enginenumber 4A
Gearboxnumber 71A
Rearaxlenumber 3A
First owner Dreyfys, F
Last location Italy



14-06-51 Factory test driven by test driver D’Angelo
16-06-51 Sold new to Pierre-Louis Dreyfus, Paris. Plate 6 AK 75

Le Mans, #16, Disq., Chiron-’Helde’, entered by Luigi Chinetti Disqualified for refuelling early, plate 6 AK 75


Le Mans, #16, DNF, Dreyfus-’Helde’, Entered by Pierre-Louis Drefus Retired in 5tn hour, clutch began to slip

05-10-52 (?) Salon Cup Paris, Marchand
1955        Sold to Lenglet, Paris, who used the car as a daily car in traffic
??-??-?? Bonjean, Paris
03-11-64 Pierre Bardinon, Mas du Clos
1970’s Sold to Giuseppe Medici, Reggio Emilia, Italy
1980’s     Sold to Ennio Gianaroli, Flemalle, Belgium
25-04-84 Mille Miglia, #135, Gianaroli-Gianarloi
11-05-85 Dunhill event, entered by Gianaroli, plate CVD609
17-05-90 Mille Miglia, #149, Gianarioli-Joce
??-09-92 FF40, entered by Gianaroli, painted yellow
??-05-94 Mille Miglia, #324, Gianaroli-Marchandise
05-05-95 Spa Ferrari Days, entered by Gianaroli
31-05-1997 50 anni Ferrari, Gianaroli
2001 Sold to Emilio Gnutti
2001 Mille Miglia, Gnutti/Gnutti #152
19/22-05-2005 Mille Miglia, Gnutti/Gnutti #158
27-04-2008 Villa d'Este
4/6-09-2009 Coppa d'Oro della Dolomiti, Gnutti/Pozzi #30
1/4-09-2011 Coppa d'Oro della Dolomiti, Gnutti/Pozzi #19
2015/2016? Restored/repainted to look like the 1952 LM car
14-05-2016 Sold at RM Sotheby's, Monaco