Bodymaker Touring
Bodystyle barchetta
Year of manufacture 1951
First colour
Engine type 340/A dry sump
Gearboxnumber 5A
Rearaxlenumber 11A
First owner Spear U.S.A.
Last location Hongkong



23-06-51 Le Mans, #17, DNF, Spear-Claes. Entered by Spear, clutch burned

2nd Elkhart Lake, W. Spear, #132, 5OA 1st in class Bill Spear drove easily his best race to date, lapping his big Ferrari consistently and finishing an overall fifth and a class winner after running third for many laps, despite a pit stop in the early stages to investigate a slipping clutch.

15-09-51 Watkins Glen, #86, Spear, 3OA
20-10-51 Convair Miller Trophy, W. Spear, #39m, 4OA
08-12-51 2nd Palm Beach Shores, #1, J. Fitch, 1OA

1st Sebring, Spear & Cunningham, #8, DNF Bill Spearís white and blue Ferrari led the filed of 31 cars for four hours, then was retired at the pits with a fractured oil pump drive.

24-05-52 Bridgehampton, #20, Spear, 1OA
30-08-52 Grand Island prelim, Spear, 1st
30-08-52 Grand Island main, Spear, 1st
07-09-52 Elkhart Lake, #12, Spear, DNF
25-10-52 Sowega AFB, #10, Brown, DNF
25-10-52 Sowega AFB, Samuelson, DNF
1970 Owned by Lincoln Cabraloff, USA
..-..-89     Sold to Violati, Italy
..-..-..       Now with 365GT 2+2 engine, #11787 GT
1989 Mille Miglia, Violati/Facchinetti #197
17-05-90 Mille Miglia, #206, Bastaglia-Gidden, Plate 81829B2
02-05-91 Mille Miglia, #149, Bastaglia-Dei
21-05-92 Mille Miglia, #290, Confidati-Zahir
13-05-93 Mille Miglia, #241, Confidati-díAllessandro
1996 Sold to Symbolic by Violati, about $700.000
Sold to Talacrest, about $750.000
1997 For sale at Talacrest, asking 1.500.000 pound
04-97       Carlos Monteverde
1997 Already sold ??
01-05-1997 Michael Mak