Bodymaker Touring
Bodystyle berlinetta
Year of manufacture black
First colour 1951
Engine type 340/A dry sump
Enginenumber 8A
Gearboxnumber 13A
Rearaxlenumber 15A
First owner Richard, Belgium
Last location Luxemburg



20-08-51 Sold to Richard, former Belgium importer, Luik
..-02--52 Displayed at Brussels salon
?? Sold to Germeau, industrialist from Brussel
?? Sold to B. Desmet, Antwerpen
?? Sold to B. van Reebroek, Antwerpen
?? Sold to Peirre B. D’Haveloose
1954 Kilometer Lancee, Antwerpen, D’Haveloose
1955 Kilometer Lancee, Antwerpen, D’Haveloose
10-03-57 Cote de Bomeree, #121, 1st in class, D’Haveloose
24-03-57 Cote de la Roche, #187. 1st in class. D’Haveloose
31-03-57 Cote de Dinant, #193, 1st in class, D’Haveloose
01-05-57 1500m de Brussels, #122, 3rd in class, D’Haveloose
?? Sold to Armand Blaton, ‘Blary’, father in law of Jacky Ickx
29-09-57 Ralley D’Automne, #3, 1st in class, ‘Beurlys’-’Blary’
1957 Tour de Belgique, 1st,  ‘Blary’
08-03-58 Cote D’Herbeumont, #192, 1st in class, ‘Blary’
27-04-57 Kilometer de Knokke, #129, 1st, ‘Blary’
17-08-58 Cote de Bomeree, #121, DNS, ‘Blary’
07-09-58 GP de Leopoldville, DNF, De Changy
21-09-58 GP D’Angola Luanda, 10th, Tassin
?? Sold back to Pierre d’Haveloose

Back to Jacques Swaters, car was in a bad shape which became worse and worse. Swaters called the car a ‘Mexico’. He would restore the car together with a 166 barchetta and start a Ferrari collection

24-08-71 Sold to Paul Schouwenburg, Holland, totally restored in original colours
24-05-84 Mille Miglia, #130, Schouwenburg-Schouwenburg plate KZ-72-VF
..-10-84   Sold to G. Lucchini, Italy

Being restored and repainted: red by Dino Cognolato, Padua, Italy Cavallino #34 page 4

1986 Mille Miglia, #157, Alboreto-Alboreto
1988 Mille Miglia, #146, Alboreto-X
10-06-89 Imola. Sport Cars and Prototype meeting, #2, entered by Boldi
10-06-89 Mille Miglia, Alboreto-Boldi, plate 82261B2
13/16-05-1993 Mille Miglia, Alboreto/Boldi,
31-05-1997 50 anni Ferrari, Lucchini
02-2011 For Sale at DK Engineering GB (see : http://www.dkeng.co.uk/sales/blue-chip--competition-cars/ferrari-340-america-for-sale-(0122a).aspx)
Repainted black
22/24-06-2011 Salon Prive London, Class B Road Racers of the 1950s and 1960s
1/3-7-2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed, "Cartier Style et Luxe" concours d'elegance., Best of show, David Cottingham
2013 Marco Rollinger Luxembourg
15/18-05-2014 Mille Miglia, Rollinger-Raymond #215
21/25-09-2014 ADAC Trentino Classic - first in category 1946 1960 - #28 - Marco Rollinger, Marianne Lamberty
14/17-05-2015 Mille Miglia, Rollinger-Hengesch #221
1/3-07-2016 Schloss Bensberg Classics - Concours d'Elegance - first in category Post-war closed - Best of show (jury) - Marco Rollinger
18/21-5-2017 Mille Miglia, Rollinger-Niesen #231