Bodymaker Touring
Bodystyle berlinetta
Year of manufacture 1951
First colour pale grey
Engine type 340/A dry sump
Gearboxnumber 1
Rearaxlenumber 21A
First owner Cavaliere Tommaso Sebastiani, Italy
Last location USA



01-10-51 Sold to C. Tommaso Sebastiani in Rome, plate Roma 154934, ‘Ferrari Album’ #3
51 - 54 Repaired and revised at the factory 17 times

Sebastiani bought 375 MM, #0416AM, and therefore sold the 340 America to Sidney Chaplin, Switzerland (son of Charley Chaplin)

18-05-55 Sold to Marchese Carlo Pottino of Palermo, Italy
1957 Pottini traded 0126A for a new Ferrari from dealer Inigo Bernabei in Rome

Sold by Bernanei to someone on the US west coast. Engine replaced by a Chevrolet unit. Engine 0126A now in 0032MT

1960's Sold to an American naval officer who had it on Guantanamo, Cuba
1970 American owner died in Vietnam
70 - 76 Car stored in a barn in Washington
1976 Surfaced in North Carolina

Bought by Peter Pheil, Atlanta. Chevrolet engine replaced by Ferrari 250 GT engine, type 128 F #5683GT and type 250 gearbox. Car restored and painted red. Plate LXD 368. The car carries a competition type 180 litre gas tank with external oversize filler cap

01-05-85 Mille Miglia, #120, Pheil-Cowart
21-05-87 Mille Miglia, #147, Bean-Holder

Offered at the Finarte Auction, Modena. Sold to Massimo Colombo in Montecarlo for Lit. 710.000.000 plus 15 % commission. Before his death Colombo replaced the 250 engine with a new cast 340 block ???

Sold to John Maher, Melbourne, Australia
02-05-91 Mille Miglia, #159, Colombo-Maher, plate 81971 B2
90's Sold from Rudy Pas
21-05-92 Mille Miglia, #270, Ikusawa-Sakai, plate 82120 B2
1993 Restored by Bossani, Torino
1994 Engine installed from a 250 Europe (#0321)
..-03-94   At Steven Tillack’s shop, Redondo Beach, California
1994 Rudolfo Junco De Le Vega, Mexico
24-08-1994 International Ferrari Concours Monterey, Rudolfo Junco de la Vega
26/28-08-95 Monterey Historic races Laguna Seca, Rudolfo Junco de la Vega
19/20-08-95 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca, entered by Tillack
1996 Steven Tillack, CA
19-04-1997 Rodeo Drive Concours, Tillack
01/03-05-1997 Mille Miglia, Tillack/Tamkin #274
2000 Mille Miglia, Tillack/Gonzales #169
20-11-2000 Not Sold at Christies London
20-01-2001 Not Sold at Brooks Palm Beach
20-05-2001 Palos Verdes Concours - Steve Tillack
31-05-2001 FCA Annual Meet Dallas - Steve Tillack
03-2002 For sale at Fantasy Junction
05-2002 Oleson Family Trust, USA
02-2004 For sale at Fantasy Junction
20-08-2005 RM's Monterey Sports Car Auction
24-01-2009 Cavallino Classic, Jeffrey Murray
2009 For sale at Driversource

09-11-2009 Sold to ??
11-2009 Donald Murray, USA
13-08-2010 The Quail Motorsports Gathering, Donald & Carol May
13-08-2016 Montherey Car Week
20-08-2016 Montherey Concorso Italiano