340 america 0174A, photo's Dan Margulies


This site is dedicated to the Ferrari 340 America. Being a Ferrari addict for years, my interest in the 340 America started in January 1995 when I got in contact with Dan Margulies who had one of these cars, #0174A, for sale. When I tried to get more information about this kind of Ferrari, I discovered that there was little written down about the 340 America and so I started to collect all kinds of information about these cars. 
During the years I've spoken to many owners of the cars and I've seen some of the cars myself. Most of the pictures on this site were provided by their owners or taken by myself. If not, the name of the photographer is mentioned. I'm not intending to provide complete information and I may be wrong at some points. If you have any remarks, corrections or questions please do not hesitate to contact me at Bert de Boer

I'm also very interested in photos of the 340 Americas. If you have some for me please let me know.

I hope you'll enjoy this site.